Insum (2014 Remix)

by Solar Fields

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Digital Gandharva
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Digital Gandharva Slow-building and very relaxed song with many interesting twists and turns. Both the sounds and the music in this song are rather dark and moody, but the prominent spot of the TB-303 Bassline Synthesizer gives this track an energy and flow that is unique and very enjoyable. Yet another must-have Solar Fields marvel!
Daniel Heffernan
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Daniel Heffernan I love this track, it builds and builds and then unleashes a crescendo of unbelievable power which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, every time. Thank you Solar Fields you are awesome
reckneya thumbnail
reckneya I have 3 versions of this song now. I love it, but can't help but wonder if either or both the people behind CBL had something to do with this. Same as Kingdom on Catalyst :0 ;D


Insum (2014 Remix)


released November 22, 2015
Written and produced by Magnus Birgersson @ Studio Jupiter.


all rights reserved


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